by Joel Schnell

This editorial work features a writing credit instead of photography this time. I wrote this article for the Ruffed Grouse Society magazine, journal of the conservation organization.

” If you’ve got a ruffed grouse drumming log scouted out, the stage is set to capture your favorite bird during his magnificent display. It’s pretty unique in the avian world, and it happens right in our backyard.

A male ruffed grouse drums on a log to attract a mate and declare his territory to other males. The drummer beats his wings to create miniature sonic booms, for the benefit of attracting a grouse hen or staking his territory from competing males. Peak drumming is in April, but is heavy again with the October dispersal of young males from their families. A male may spend most of his life within 6 to 10 acres of his drumming log. A trail cam is a silent witness to this display, taking a picture at every movement when pointed at a drumming log.”

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