Mission: Ruffed Grouse Season Opener 2016

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  It all begins tomorrow, the glorious 3 months of ruffed grouse hunting in Minnesota. It’s what the dogs and I have been waiting for, and training for. We have a front row seat to the amazing drama of seasons changing before our eyes. My dogs know the visceral feel of the hunt, that we ...

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Alder and the Ruffed Grouse

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Where I find Alder, I find ruffed grouse and woodcock. It’s just that simple. Also known as tag alder, Speckled Alder (Alnus incana ssp.rugosa) often rings wetlands and shallow ponds. Grouse love ’em, and I am always on the lookout for them during woodcock season too. Shrubbery Like Few Others At up to 20 feet tall, it’s good ...

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A Wealth of Old Logging Roads

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Awfully nice of them, to leave us grouse hunters with a fine network of trails in our public forests. Magnets for ruffed grouse, and fine shooting on woodcock, they give us an all-access pass into the Minnesota Northwoods. Actually just the remainders of logging operations, and not the work of a hunting Good Samaritan, but I ...

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Drumming Counts 2016

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Our long wait is rewarded. The 2016 Minnesota Ruffed Grouse Drumming Counts are in. You will be pleased. The Short of It Up 18 percent. Finally back on the upswing of the ten-year population cycle. Grease your guns, oil your boots, give ‘ol pooch a few tosses of the training dummy. September 17 it will ...

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Walking in the Cathedral of Tamaracks

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Living in Ruffed Grouse Country we sometimes take for granted the magic in these great Northwoods. Take the tamarack, for example. A pine tree that changes color in the fall and loses it’s needles. It’s a wonder to walk through, needles gently cascading off my shoulders as I make my way. It’s part of what ...

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