A Season’s End

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  One last hunt, on the last day of the season. It started with one old dog, and one young, full of promise. It finished with only a young dog, now matured into a seasoned pro. Another fall with spectacular highlights and an occasional downer. No two seasons are quite the same, as 2016 proved. ...

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Goodbye Maggie

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A bird dog’s life is a window of maybe a dozen years of selfless companionship. Once you are adopted as pack leader, no purer form of devotion to you and the hunt can be found. Mags gave me thirteen glorious Octobers. It should have been more. Legs weak and hearing about gone, her bracemate Levi carried the ...

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An October Ritual

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It’s been a thrill, this October prime time in the grouse covers. Those brilliant blue sky days, and bright yellow aspen leaves fluttering to the ground. The explosive flush of a grouse, the twittering tower of a woodcock in flight. These are the days that sustain us and our bird dogs the rest of the ...

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Grouse Hunting Where the Dam Breaks

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It didn’t look like much from the gate. Just a logging road into a recent clearcut. But looking at an aerial photo, I could see a beaver pond to the left, and a 10 year old aspen cut beyond that. We followed the trail, and got a glimpse of a mud flat where the beaver ...

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A Fall of Woodcock

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Every bird season is a little different, you may notice with enough of them under your belt. For me, this has been the season of the early season woodcock. I welcome their grand migration down from Canada each fall, usually in mid-October. This year I’m finding thickets lousy with them in the young aspen. But these are some ...

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