Drumming Counts for a Whopper of a Season

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Drumming Counts for a Whopper of a Season Wow. Just. Wow. Fifty-seven percent increase in this year’s survey of ruffed grouse populations. What’s behind it, and what can we expect in the woods this fall? A Count Like No Other For decades now, volunteers have been driving routes to record ruffed grouse populations. They stop ...

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Spring in Ruffed Grouse Country

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From the frozen ground of early March, until the muddy days of May when the aspens leaf out, it’s a time to work the land in ruffed grouse country. Before the ticks grow ravenous and the grouse are nesting, I got a lot done this spring. Trail Work When the snow was off the ground, I ...

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The Black Spruce Swamp, Edge Cover for Grouse

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Ruffed grouse are escape artists. Their survival depends on a short flight to safety for the ground-dwelling bird. The black spruce swamp provides edge cover and an easy escape from predators like you and me. Hunt those edges, and you may get a shot at a wild bird in one of the truly wild places. A Unique ...

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Dogwood, A Ruffed Grouse Favorite

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Where I find dogwood, I find ruffed grouse. It’s just that simple. Watch for little, hard white berries at chest height. Grouse love ’em. Red Osier Dogwood  (Cornus sericea (stolonifera)) is part of the willow/dogwood shrub swamp transitional zone. According to the MN DNR website: “Red-osier dogwood is a common shrub throughout Minnesota. It is especially abundant ...

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