Grouse Hunter’s Tech: The Over and Under

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by Joel Schnell One of the great things about grouse hunting is you can participate with just about any old shotgun. Whether grandpa’s old duck gun, or single shot Savage, or Mossberg with the bolt action, it will do the job. But if there’s one gun I see in the grouse woods more than most, ...

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A Minnesota Original, the Snowmobile

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by Joel Schnell Released March 2, 2015 Getting around ruffed grouse country in winter is a challenge. The birth of the practical, production snowmobile right here in Minnesota was brought on by a need of hunters, ice fisherman, loggers and other outdoorsmen to travel the snows. That history is celebrated by vintage snowmobile shows around ...

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Grouse Hunter’s Tech: The Compass

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by Joel Schnell Released February 14, 2015 Every outdoors person needs a few essential tools, cherished working devices that get the job done- flashlight, pocket knife and compass among them. Perhaps none more important than the compass. I also use a gps, but the compass has a look and feel like no other device. Cheap ...

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